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Why choose ITN Ltd Server Installation?

The heart of your business, in the safest hands

Your server installation is the heart of your business, and our IT service makes sure it’s in safe hands right from the word go. We design server installations as part of small and medium sized business networks, and we can also help you with hardware recommendations: both for the servers themselves and for the equipment you need to keep them working properly.

Keeping cool under pressure

Heat can cause severe problems for a server, and can ultimately be responsible for data loss or interruptions in the service you provide to your end user. Our server installation experts will make sure your system stays cool no matter what you do to it. Talk to us about fans, false floors and switches. Our expert system designers will create a server installation that maximizes your power and data transfer speed without breaking your budget.

Delivering future-proofed data power

In today’s rapidly changing world, delivering servers that are powerful enough to run everything you need now isn’t enough. We look at your business’ IT requirements in detail before we recommend a server for you. Our goal is to keep your IT capability open-ended, ready for expansion as your business grows and technology advances.

Making the most of your space

Not every business is lucky enough to have a dedicated server room, cooled with air conditioning and raised floors. Our IT service team is excellently placed to make the most of the space you have available, with blade servers, mini servers and compact rack servers. If you need to control the power usage of multiple small servers in a confined space, we can also suggest rack mounted switches and power monitors.

Protecting the lifeblood of your business

Your business’ lifeblood is the data that resides on your servers. That data powers your website, your customer contacts and your internal processes. That’s why, when we develop a server installation, we also look at the security that protects it. We’ll recommend and install monitors, which will tell you when your server is running into problems, and we can also deliver web based monitoring software solutions. A user friendly interface lets you check detailed information about the performance of the server, and enables us to spot any potential issues early.

Protecting your bottom line

With years as IT service providers, we’ve developed a great contact book. That’s how we’re able to recommend top quality server hardware and software for any budget. We’ll never recommend gear that’s significantly beyond your price range, and we always deliver the service you need for the price you want to pay. Talk to us today about developing a server installation that’s right for your future business needs, and right for your wallet too.

Setting up your server

From a single desktop server to a full business array, our qualified technicians will install your server, test it and bring it live. You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll even train you and your staff in the safe operation of the server once it’s running – and if you contract us to monitor your servers and IT infrastructure, we’ll keep it in perfect working order through planned maintenance and emergency response.

Why choose ITN Ltd Server Monitoring?

Keeping an eye on what matters most

Server monitoring is the best way to prevent catastrophic data failure on a business wide scale. Our IT service team is able to remotely view the condition of your server, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using our knowledge both of the normal power and data load your business runs through the server, and the capacities of the server itself, we’ll be able to spot any problems long before they become serious, access the server either remotely or physically, and solve the issue.

Remote access or hands on repair?

Depending on the condition of your server, we may choose to go in remotely and change its settings; or we may need to attend your premises physically and inspect the hardware in more detail. You don’t need to worry about a thing: if there’s a serious problem, we will migrate your data safely to a temporary server while we fix or replace the item in question.

Keeping your software up to date

Out of date software is one of the most common causes of erratic server behavior. We don’t only monitor your hardware to ensure that it’s physically performing as it should: we also keep an eye on the licenses and known upgrades for the software you run on it. With a complete server monitoring package from our IT service team, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of all your licenses and upgrades again. Let us take the worry out of running an IT department: leaving you free to concentrate on the things you do best.

How it works

Our server monitoring software allows us to perform nearly all monitoring, diagnosis and repair without physical access to your machine. We can instantly call up server status reports, and view the data load on your network in real time. We can look at predictions for the power and memory space your disk will use in the future, and access historical reports to examine the past performance of the unit. We can see every event that happens in the server. If necessary we can isolate it, transfer the data load to a different machine or go inside to perform a fix.

What about multiple servers?

No problem. Our IT service team can monitor, assess and fix multiple servers, either in an installation designed by us or in a historical installation. We can also assess the current efficiency of your server setup, recommend changes and consult on the design of a new network. Talk to us today about server monitoring and design: and start tomorrow with a more streamlined and power-efficient network.

Keeping your network up and running

Power outages are a frequent cause of service interruption – usually, they happen when one server is asked to perform too many power-intensive tasks at once. Our IT service team can monitor the power used by all of your servers, and remotely activate switches to keep every task running at the optimum speed. Read more https://itn-cm.com/index.php/it-services/

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